OGLplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for OpenGL

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file  array.hpp [code]
 Array data structure.
file  auto_rebind.hpp [code]
 Object-target binding utilities.
file  bound.hpp [code]
 Operations on currently bound objects.
file  desc.hpp [code]
 Declaration of Object description.
file  group.hpp [code]
 A group of object references.
file  name.hpp [code]
 Base class for OpenGL "named" objects.
file  name_tpl.hpp [code]
 Base template for all "named" objects.
file  optional.hpp [code]
 Template wrapper for Objects, making them optional.
file  reference.hpp [code]
 Reference to an existing Object.
file  seq_tpl.hpp [code]
file  sequence.hpp [code]
 Sequence of Object names.
file  tags.hpp [code]
 GL Object tag types.
file  type.hpp [code]
 ObjectType enumeration.
file  wrap_tpl.hpp [code]
 Template for object wrappers.
file  wrapper.hpp [code]
 Generic OpenGL object wrapper.

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