OGLplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for OpenGL

Structure containing information about how to draw a part of a shape. More...

#include </home/chochlik/devel/oglplus/include/oglplus/shapes/draw.hpp>

Public Types

 Enumeration of drawing methods.

Public Member Functions

template<typename IT >
void Draw (const std::vector< IT > &indices, GLuint inst_count=1, GLuint base_inst=0) const
 Draw the part of a shape.

Static Public Member Functions

static GLuint NoRestartIndex (void)
 Special constant for disabling primitive restart.

Public Attributes

Method method
 The method to be used to draw.
PrimitiveType mode
 The primitive type to be used to draw.
GLuint first
 The first element.
GLuint count
 Count of elements.
GLuint restart_index
 Primitive restart index. More...
GLuint phase
 The phase of the drawing process. More...

Detailed Description

Structure containing information about how to draw a part of a shape.

Do not use this class directly, use DrawingInstructions returned by the various shape builder classes instead.

Member Data Documentation

GLuint oglplus::shapes::DrawOperation::phase

The phase of the drawing process.

The phase is a shape-builder-specific value that indicates which part of the shape is being rendered. Together with a "driver" function it can be used to change the shading program parameters (like the values of uniform variables) to switch the whole program or change GL state.

Referenced by oglplus::shapes::SkyBox::Instructions(), oglplus::shapes::PointAndVector::Instructions(), and oglplus::shapes::Screen::Instructions().

GLuint oglplus::shapes::DrawOperation::restart_index

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