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images Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for images:


file  brushed_metal.hpp [code]
 Brushed metal texture generator.
file  cell.hpp [code]
 Voronoi/Worley cell image generators.
file  checker.hpp [code]
 Checker image generator.
file  cloud.hpp [code]
 Cloud 3d texture generator.
file  filtered.hpp [code]
 Base class for image filters.
file  fwd.hpp [code]
 Forward declarations of Image-related classes.
file  gradient.hpp [code]
 Gradient image generator.
file  image.hpp [code]
 Image data wrapper.
file  image_spec.hpp [code]
 Texture image specification.
file  load.hpp [code]
 Image loader which finds and loads an image from its name.
file  metaballs.hpp [code]
 Metaballs texture generator.
file  newton.hpp [code]
 Newton fractal image generator.
file  normal_map.hpp [code]
 Filter creating a normal+height map out of a height map.
file  png.hpp [code]
 PNG image loader (based on libpng)
file  random.hpp [code]
 Random image generator.
file  sort_nw.hpp [code]
 Generator of an image that encodes a sorting network.
file  sphere_bmap.hpp [code]
 Generator of a normal/depth map with "imprinted" sphere.
file  squares.hpp [code]
 Generator of a image covered with reqular squares.
file  transformed.hpp [code]
 Filter transforming image RGB components by a 4x4 matrix.
file  voronoi.hpp [code]
 Voronoi diagram image generators.
file  worley.hpp [code]
 Worley cells image generators.
file  xpm.hpp [code]
 XPM (X Pix Map) image loader.

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