OGLplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for OpenGL

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12 #pragma once
13 #ifndef OGLPLUS_CONTEXT_1107121317_HPP
14 #define OGLPLUS_CONTEXT_1107121317_HPP
39 #include <oglplus/face_mode.hpp>
43 namespace oglplus {
46 namespace context { }
61 class Context
62  : public context::Errors
63  , public context::Capabilities
64  , public context::ViewportOps
66  , public context::BufferMasking
68  , public context::Rasterization
69  , public context::Drawing
70  , public context::Computing
71  , public context::DepthTest
72  , public context::StencilTest
73  , public context::ScissorTest
74  , public context::LogicalOps
75  , public context::PixelOps
76  , public context::Blending
78  , public context::Hints
79  , public context::LimitQueries
81  , public context::StringQueries
82  , public context::ObjectBinding
83  , public context::ObjectDSA
84 { };
86 } // namespace oglplus
88 #endif // include guard
Wrappers for error reporting operations.
Wrappers for functions selecting the buffers for read/write operations.
Definition: buffer_selection.hpp:27
Wrappers for implementation-dependent-limit queries.
Wrapper for blending operations.
Definition: blending.hpp:26
Wrapper for the GL string-query-related operations.
Definition: string_queries.hpp:75
Wrappers for blending operations.
Wrapper for object binding operations.
Definition: object_binding.hpp:26
Wrapper for synchronization operations.
Definition: synchronization.hpp:36
Wrappers for color logical operations.
Functions giving direct state acess to OGLplus Objects.
Wrapper for the stencil-buffer-related operations.
Definition: stencil_test.hpp:28
Wrappers for basic point, line and polygon resterization operations.
Wrappers for hints.
Wrapper for the error-reporting-related operations.
Definition: errors.hpp:27
Wrappers for scissor tests and operations.
Wrapper for primitive drawing operations.
Definition: drawing.hpp:30
Wrapper for the scissor-buffer-related operations.
Definition: scissor_test.hpp:68
Wrappers for depth tests and operations.
Wrapper for the current OpenGL context operations.
Definition: context.hpp:61
OpenGL face type-related enumeration.
Object direct state access operations.
Definition: object_dsa.hpp:25
OpenGL test/comparison function enumeration.
Wrappers for stencil tests and operations.
Wrapper for implementation-dependent limit queries.
Definition: limit_queries.hpp:26
Wrappers for object binding operations.
Wrappers for synchronization operations.
Wrapper for the operations that are used to clear the draw buffers.
Definition: buffer_clearing.hpp:183
Wrapper for the viewport-related operations.
Definition: viewport.hpp:132
Wrappers for drawing operations.
Wrapper for the pixel storage and transfer operations.
Definition: pixel_ops.hpp:30
Wrappers for operations for fine control of buffer updates.
Definition: buffer_masking.hpp:57
Wrappers for functions selecting the buffers for read/write operations.
Wrappers for general purpose computing operations.
Wrapper for the general-purpose-computing-related operations.
Definition: computing.hpp:25
Wrapper for the capability-related commands.
Definition: capabilities.hpp:26
Wrapper for the depth-buffer-related operations.
Definition: depth_test.hpp:26
Wrappers for GL string queries.
Wrappers for operations clearing the buffers.
Wrappers for OpenGL capability-related functions.
Wrapper for the basic point, line and polygon rasterization operations.
Definition: rasterization.hpp:29
Wrappers for operations for fine control of buffer updates.
Wrappers for viewport-related operations.
Wrappers for GL numeric queries.
Wrapper for the hint-related operations.
Definition: hints.hpp:26
Wrappers for pixel storage and transfer operations.
Wrapper for the color buffer logical operations.
Definition: logical_ops.hpp:26
Wrapper for the GL numeric-query-related operations.
Definition: numeric_queries.hpp:33

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