OGLplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for OpenGL

oglplus::ObjectName< ObjTag > Class Template Reference

A common template for "named" objects like textures, buffers, etc. More...

#include </home/chochlik/devel/oglplus/include/oglplus/object/name_tpl.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for oglplus::ObjectName< ObjTag >:

Public Member Functions

 ObjectName (void)
 Constructs wrapper for name 0 (zero).
 ObjectName (NameT name)
 Constructs wrapper for the specified name.


NameT GetName (ObjectName)
 Returns the base name assigned to named object.
bool operator== (ObjectName a, ObjectName b)
 Equality comparison.
bool operator!= (ObjectName a, ObjectName b)
 Inequality comparison.
bool operator< (ObjectName a, ObjectName b)

Detailed Description

template<typename ObjTag>
class oglplus::ObjectName< ObjTag >

A common template for "named" objects like textures, buffers, etc.

This is a common template for all GL/AL/VG/etc. object wrappers which are identified by a (uint typed) name, i.e. object like Textures, Buffer, VAOs, Queries, etc. but also Shaders, Programs, and so on. ObjectName adds static object type information and allows to distinguish between objects of different type with the same name value.

Do not use this class directly, it is used by the object wrappers for basic initialization, error checking and access restriction.

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