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Base class for limited implementation-dependent numeric values. More...

#include </home/chochlik/devel/oglplus/include/oglplus/limited_value.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for oglplus::LimitedCount< Query >:

Public Member Functions

template<typename Type >
 operator Type (void) const
 Returns the value.

Protected Member Functions

 LimitedCount (GLuint value, const char *query_name)

Detailed Description

template<GLenum Query>
class oglplus::LimitedCount< Query >

Base class for limited implementation-dependent numeric values.

This class checks if the given unsigned int value is in the implementation-dependent range of allowed valued and throws an LimitError exception if it is not.

Do not use this templates directly, use the derived types or the typedefs of instantiations instead.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<GLenum Query>
oglplus::LimitedCount< Query >::LimitedCount ( GLuint  value,
const char *  query_name 

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