OALplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for OpenAL

File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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| o*al.hppIncludes AL/al.h and AL/alut.h
| o*alfunc.hppHelper macro expanding into OpenAL function name
| o*all.hppAll-in-one inclusion of everything in OALplus
| o*alut.hppWrapper around ALUT
| o*attrib_list.hppTemplate for OpenAL context attribute list
| o*buffer.hppWrapper for OpenAL buffer object
| o*config.hppCompile-time configuration options
| o*context.hppWrapper around a OpenAL context
| o*context_attrib.hppOpenAL context attribute type enumeration
| o*data_format.hppData format enumeration
| o*device.hppWrapper around a OpenAL device
| o*distance_model.hppOpenAL string query enumeration
| o*enumerations.hppEnumeration-related declarations
| o*fwd.hppForward declarations
| o*lib.hppAll-in-one Include file for the separatelly-built library
| o*listener.hppWrapper for OpenAL listener object
| o*source.hppWrapper for OpenAL source object
| o*source_state.hppOpenAL source execution state enumeration
| o*source_type.hppOpenAL Source type enumeration
| o*string.hppString-related typedefs
| \*string_query.hppOpenAL string query enumeration
 \*doc.hppDocumentation-only declarations

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