EGLplus (0.52.0) a C++ wrapper for EGL

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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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|\*doc.hppDocumentation-only declarations
  o*all.hppAll-in-one include of EGLplus
  o*attrib_list.hppTemplate for EGL surface and configuration attribute list
  o*bitfield.hppEGL bitfield-related helpers
  o*color_buffer_type.hppEGL color buffer type enumeration
  o*config.hppCompile-time configuration options
  o*config_attrib.hppEGL config attribute type enumeration
  o*config_caveat.hppEGL config caveat type enumeration
  o*configs.hppEGL configurations
  o*context.hppDeclares and implements wrapper for EGLContext
  o*context_attrib.hppEGL context attribute type enumeration
  o*context_flag.hppEGL context flags type enumeration
  o*display.hppDeclares and implements wrapper for EGLDisplay
  o*egl.hppIncludes EGL/egl.h
  o*eglfunc.hppHelper macro expanding into EGL function name
  o*enumerations.hppEnumeration-related declarations
  o*fwd.hppForward declarations
  o*gl_colorspace.hppEGL OpenGL colorspace enumeration
  o*initializer.hppDeclares and implements the EGL API initializer
  o*lib.hppAll-in-one Include file for the separatelly-built library
  o*multisample_resolve.hppEGL Multisample resolve enumeration
  o*opengl_profile_bit.hppEGL OpenGL profile mask bits enumeration
  o*opengl_rns.hppEGL OpenGL reset notification strategy enumeration
  o*render_buffer.hppEGL render buffer enumeration
  o*renderable_type_bit.hppEGL renderable type enumeration
  o*rendering_api.hppEGL rendering API enumeration
  o*string.hppString-related typedefs
  o*string_query.hppEGL string query enumeration
  o*surface.hppDeclares and implements wrapper for EGLContext
  o*surface_attrib.hppEGL surface attribute enumeration
  o*surface_type_bit.hppEGL surface type enumeration
  o*swap_behavior.hppEGL buffer swap behavior enumeration
  o*texture_format.hppEGL texture format enumeration
  o*texture_target.hppEGL texture target enumeration
  o*transparent_type.hppEGL transparent type enumeration
  o*vg_alpha_format.hppEGL OpenVG alpha format enumeration
  \*vg_colorspace.hppEGL OpenVG colorspace enumeration

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